Sport & Adventure Training

As a Regiment we embrace all sporting and Adventurous Training (AT) opportunities. Both activities are integral to Regimental life and the development of our Fusilier ethos of team excellence, competitive spirit and challenging the individual.  However, as a small regiment we cannot attempt to excel in all sports, although individuals may do so at an ‘Elite’ Army level.  

The Commanding Officers of the 1st and 5th Battalions are responsible for managing sports and AT within their Battalions.

First Fusiliers Boxing Team

More about our sports

The major sports that the 1st and 5th Battalions compete in at a high standard (Army level) are, Boxing (the Regimental Main Effort – Major Unit Finalists in 2019, 2021 and 22),Football, Rugby, Orienteering, Cycling and Downhill Skiing.  AT expeditions are mounted most years by the Battalions, for example the recent sub aqua AT expedition to Cyprus – photos). 

Association Sport

If Association members wish to form their own Fusilier sporting group/team then they can create them using Fusiliers Connect App. This will make administration of the team relatively easy as you will have your own Fusiliers Connect Group.

RHQ should be approached with reference to establishing a sports team. There is limited financial support to Association members who wish to form a sports team. An example of an Association sports group is the  Fusiliers Golf Society.

Fusiliers Golf Society

The Fusilier Golf Society (FGS) is made up of serving and veteran members of the Regiment who play golf. There are regular matches throughout the year with the main event being the annual Fusiliers versus the Mercers Livery Company. There is an annual subscription fee for membership but RHQ will support the FGS with an annual grant. This allows serving Fusiliers to play golf in FGS events without having to pay the annual subscription fee to the FGS. See the Fusiliers Connect Golf Group in order to join up.


As part of our Regimental outreach programme the Regiment sponsors the Wallsend Boys and Girls U16 Boys and U16 Girls Football teams who play at in Newcastle.