Fusilier Aid Society Lottery

We have our very own Fusilier Aid Society Lottery. Sterling Lotteries run it on our behalf to generate income for the Fusilier Aid Society and it also gives the Fusilier family the chance to win something!

Sterling have provided lottery and raffle services for over 30 years.  They have over 250 clients, many recognisable charities, including the RAF Association and the Royal Marines Benevolent Fund. They are monitored by the Gambling Commission and the Lotteries Council.  The Regiment has selected Sterling’s low-risk Unity Lottery to generate income for the Fusilier Aid Society (FAS). FAS holds a relevant gambling licence.

The FAS Unity Lottery

Unity works as an ‘umbrella’ lottery, i.e. all players’ tickets, regardless of their chosen charity, go into a single weekly draw. We have no overheads to pay and Sterling manages all the administration. A minimum of 50% of our total lottery tickets are spent on supporting the work carried out by FAS, 18.4% is spent on prizes and 31.6% spent on the running cost and administration of the lottery.

The features of the FAS Unity Lottery are:

·       Each ticket costs £1 a week.

·       50p from every £1 ticket returns to FAS as profit. (The other 50p covers administration costs and the weekly prize fund).

·       There is a weekly top prize of £25,000, with a range of smaller prizes.

·       All players in the lottery have a 1 in 63 chance of winning a prize

·       Should a Fusilier win the £25,000, Sterling will also donate £2,500 to FAS.

Anyone can play our FAS lottery including

·       serving Fusiliers and veterans, their family and friends

·       our affiliated CFAVs, their family and friends

·       anyone who wants to have a fun way of donating to our Regimental charity

·       finally anyone who wants the chance to win a prize.

You can pay by cheque, credit card, debit card or Direct Debit – it’s up to you. And you can decide how much and for how long you wouldlike to play also.

Click on this link to go to the FAS Lottery page, where you can sign up to play.



For specific questions about the lottery or your lottery membership, your first point of call is the Unity Lottery Helpline 0370 0509240 (Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm).  They can answer all your questions about the process, how to play and payment etc. details. You can alternatively fill in this contact formwww.unitylottery.co.uk/contact

If you have general questions about how FAS uses our Lottery income, please email rhq@thefusiliers.org

Thank you for your support!