Need Help or Support Now?

As Fusiliers we take great pride in being a family and being there for one another whenever help is needed, especially when it comes to mental health. As a Regiment, we want to be leading the way when it comes to providing the right help and support, so this resource has been developed to do just that! Inform and support anyone dealing with mental health worries within the Fusilier Family. Whether you are a serving Fusilier, veteran, or part of the wider Fusilier family you are never alone, and we are always here to help..

Feeling Suicidal – I need help right now!

Things you can do right now to help when suicidal thoughts become too much.
Call the Samaritans on 116 123
Most importantly if you are worried you can’t keep yourself safe go to your nearest A&E or dial 999
Call your GP –
Your GP can help by referring you to a local mental health provision or crisis team. If it’s out of hours call NHS 111
Text SHOUT to 85258 if you prefer to talk to someone via text message. They offer confidential support 24/7 and are always on hand.

Take every minute as it comes – you’ve survived a minute, then five minutes, then thirty minutes then an hour. Break time down into manageable frames – eventually the time periods will get longer and more manageable.

Talk to someone – do not suffer in silence. Talk to a fellow Fusilier, your CO, family, friend or whoever you trust.

Avoid drugs and alcohol – however tempting this is stay away from drugs and alcohol as it will make things harder to overcome.

Do something you usually enjoy – Distract yourself from thoughts and the current situation by doing something you enjoy. Go for a walk, go to the gym, watch a good film, cook a nice meal, catch up with a friend – whatever it is take time out to do something you enjoy.

Deep breathing –
it might sound silly but take in deep breaths and breathe slowly. The more you do this the more relaxed you will become.

Keep yourself safe – do you have a safety plan?  If so follow it. Remove anything that you could use to harm yourself, go wherever you feel safe whether that be within the battalion or at home.

Stories of hope – These individuals have first-hand experience of dealing with mental health and being in the army/ regiment. There is a way out and they are examples of how you can turn a corner.