Serving Fusiliers

England’s Infantry at its very best

The Fusiliers have regular and reserve armoured infantry Battalions in the reactive role.  We are respected as tough partners in combat, no-nonsense soldiers who take on any challenge. Our Fusilier family is known for our strong and lifelong support.

First Fusiliers

First Fusiliers (regular) are based in Tidworth, equipped with the WARRIOR Armoured Infantry fighting vehicle.  By the end of this decade (2020s), the Warrior will be replaced by the Boxer Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Fifth Fusiliers

Fifth Fusiliers (reserve) specialise in light role operations and are headquartered in Newcastle, with Companies across the NE as well as in Bury, Sheldon in Birmingham and London.

The Fifth Battalion are paired with the First Battalion for training and operational purposes.

Both battalions can deploy highly motivated and trained soldiers who can adapt quickly to any challenging scenario.

The Fusiliers have been involved in every major conflict in the last 400 years, but more recently in Northern Ireland, UN Peacekeeping Operations in Cyprus, Kuwait (OP GRANBY), The Balkans – Bosnia and Kosovo, Iraq (Op TELIC), and Afghanistan (Op HERRICK).We are all extremely proud of our history and or Regimental motto is:

Once a Fusilier, Always a Fusilier