Reclaim the real you.

We are delighted to have partnered with Leafyard to help support mental wellbeing within our Fusilier family. 

Leafyard is a self-help web app that works out a personalised, structured approach to help you reduce stress and build better mental resilience. It takes the form of a journey, training and motivating you to take action, and do the things that are scientifically proven to make you feel better.

Initially we launched a pilot offering Leafyard to a group of Fusilier veterans.

Our Gift To You

The Regiment is now convinced the app can help us all train our minds as we train our bodies, so we’re all in a better position to cope with life’s challenges.

This is our gift to you, from the Regiment, for free. We are committed to supporting our Fusilier veterans and are extremely proud to be the first Regiment to offer this support.

To request a Leafyard gift token for you, your family, or to give to a fellow Fusilier who may benefit, please go to 
www.leafyard.com/thefusiliers and fill in the form. Then, sign-up anonymously, and begin your mental fitness journey.