Fusilier Association

Supporting current and former members of the Regiment and their families

The aim of the Fusiliers Association is to foster the spirit, comradeship and the traditions of the Regiment among all ranks past and present, in order to promote the Regiment's good name in every way, maintaining an active organisation for Fusilier veterans in each Regimental Area and in other places where there are concentrations of Fusiliers.

Purpose of Association
  • Promote the military efficiency of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
  • Maintaining the history, traditions, esprit de corps' and comradeship of all present and past members of The Regiment and its former Regiments.
  • Be ready to assist those in hardship or need, either by referring them to the Fusiliers Aid Society, or by offering comradeship, friendship and support


When a Fusilier joins the Regiment, they automatically become a member of The Fusiliers Association, branches of which are all located in England but mainly grouped in the four Regimental areas of Northumberland, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, London, Northern Ireland and Lancashire.  

You remain a member on leaving, but we understand that you may wish to have a break from army life, but you can maintain contact with your friends and colleagues through Fusiliers Connect, and you and your family are welcome to join any of the branches.  Apart from the social links, The Association can also assist you by offering advice and guidance on employment, welfare, health, welfare and in extremis, support with benevolence.  Further information is included in the Fusiliers webpage. The following are qualified to be members of the Association: - All who have served or are serving in The Regiment (both Regular and Reserve).- Families of serving and former members of the Regiment.- Widows and dependants of past members of The Regiment and of the former Regiments.- The Executive Committee is empowered to invite other suitable persons to become 'Honorary Members'.

How the Association helps

  • Create networks and long-lasting friendships with fellow Fusiliers
  • Receive peer support
  • Receive regular communication from Regimental HQ and access Fusiliers Connect
  • Attend events
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Obtain access to Leafyard CBT support

Fusiliers Connect

Fusiliers Connect is the way for all Fusiliers to communicate and engage across our community.  With peer support and in-person engagement at its core, Fusiliers Connect serves and supports Serving and Reservists, Veterans and Cadet Adult Volunteers as well as partners and their families. The Fusiliers Connect App supported by a new, refreshed website was launched on St George’s Day 2023 - the 55th birthday of the Regiment.  

The Regimental family is now able to download and log into the Fusiliers Connect app or register through the web-app on the new Fusiliers Connect website. The platform features Group, Events, Pinboard, Messaging & Chat, Notifications and Search & Connect functions, transforming the way members can engage across the whole community. The Fusiliers Connect App is also connected to a wider military digital community, giving members access to better support resources and a wider network of members to drive greater localised connectivity.