Support Registering for the Web App

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Step 1:
If you need Technical Support:

If you need support at any stage during the web-app registration process click the ‘Support and FAQ’ button at the bottom of the screen.

By clicking ‘Contact Support’ you will be able to email us directly with your issue to or you can view our FAQs and video guides.

When you have contacted the help desk, we may request that you click the button at the bottom of the screen to generate a code so that we can initiate a remote support session.

Step 2:
Member Registration

For new members, from the main sign-in page select “Register”.

You will need to type in your Regiment / Organisation Group Code (case sensitive). You will have been sent your Group Code within Organisation, RHQ or Association emails or private social media groups. If you do not have a code the quickest way is to check your emails, or you can request it from your RHQ or Community Manager. Alternatively, you can click to ‘Request Group Code’ and follow the steps.

Step 3:
Activate your Account

Next you will be asked to enter your email. Please ensure there are no typing mistakes (as this will delay your registration).

You will be sent an email from the Military App containing a 6-digit email Verification Code. If you have not received this code within 5 minutes, please check your junk inbox, and if still not received try clicking ‘Resend Code’ or go to ‘Support and FAQs’ and let us know that you have not received it.

Once you have retrieved the 6-digit email Verification Code please type it in and click “Continue” to proceed to setting up your account.

Step 4:
Complete Details

You can now complete the rest of your details and access the App.

For details help videos on how to make the most of the App:

FAQ and Further Support