Regimental HQ

Our Regimental HQ is located in the Tower of London and has been for many years. Area HQ South is also located at the Tower of London also whilst Area HQ Central can be found at The Fusilier Museum in Bury.

What we do at Regimental HQ:

·       Safeguarding the interests of the Regiment.

·       Promulgating Regimental policy to everyone concerned inside and outside the Regiment.

·       Full life support to the families of Fusiliers killed, all wounded Fusiliers and those ‘in need’.

·       Representing the views of the Colonel through HQ The Queen’s Division on all matters concerning the Regiment and the members of it.

·       Briefing all officer candidates and keeping in touch with accepted officer cadets at RMAS.

·       Providing career advice to all Fusilier Officers as required.

·       The day-to-day management and control of Regimental funds, of the Fusilier Aid Society and the Fusilier Fund.

·       The Regimental Journal, ‘The Fusilier’ and the monthly Newsletter.

·       Co-ordination as necessary between Area Headquarters (S) and (N) on Regimental matters.

·       Regimental branding, publicity and public relations.

·       Regimental Days and the observance of other traditional days; Regimental parades; Regimental functions.

·       Community engagement with our stakeholders

·       Regimental history and archives.

·       The Secretariat to the Regimental Council

Key contacts at Regimental HQ:

Col James Denny - Regimental Secretary

Andy Harris - Assistant Regimental Secretary

Linda Humphries - Chief Clerk

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, HM Tower of London, London, EC3N 4AB - Telephone: 0203 166 6909 Email: