Regimental support to Fusilier Funerals

It is always a sad time when a former Fusilier dies and the Regiment is keen that proper respects are paid at the funeral.  

Support is normally provided by local branches of the Fusilier Association whilst RHQ are normally involved in the funeral arrangements of a senior Fusilier.

Regimental Support is defined as the provision of a Bugler, Association Standards, Union and / or the Regimental flag.

Please note the following guidance:

  • Following the advice from the Royal British Legion (RBL), Regimental support should only be provided to those who served in, or who were attached to the Regiment as supporting Corps or Services.  It is not the norm for it to be provided for next of kin who did not serve in the Regiment, such as the female spouse or partner and children of former Fusiliers.
  • Regimental support to the funeral of someone who did not serve with, or was not attached to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers or our antecedent Regiments, is not permitted.
  • Regimental support to funerals is managed by the local Fusilier Associations and it will only be provided if requested by the family of the deceased.
  • It is provided on a voluntary basis by the Branch members. It cannot be guaranteed, and it may incur some costs, for example, travel or bugler charges.  These will be paid by the family.

Regimental Support (Bugler, Association Standards, Union and / or the Regimental flag) remains the sole prerogative of a former Fusilier. It is an individual choice as to whether the funeral of a Fusilier family member is supported by Association members in beret and hackle.