Fusilier Museums

We have four museums which tell the stories of our antecedent regiments right through to the current day. Each museum offers a unique experience and has their own collections of medals, paintings, uniform, letters, silver, and other military objects on display. To find out more click on the links below:

The Fusiliers Museum Alnwick Castle

Historic Alnwick Castle is home to the Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland, the museum of a regiment raised in 1674 which became Northumberland's County Regiment, the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, through to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers today.

Within the framework of a soldier's life from Recruit to Veteran, the thematic displays tell engaging stories of the regiment's people: soldiers and their families, in peace and war, through letters, diaries, drawings, photos, paintings, possessions.  An eloquent collection of objects from the eighteenth century to the present tells personal  stories and reflects social history.

Fusilier Museum Bury

The Fusilier Museum in Bury, Lancashire, is home to the collections of The Lancashire Fusiliers and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Documenting over 300 years of history and heritage through permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Museum tells the rich and fascinating stories of the people who have served and continue to serve in the Regiments.

Exhibition includes details of thew Gallipoli Landings where the Lancashire Fusiliers were famously awarded ‘6VC’s before breakfast’ as well as a replica WW1 trench. Programme of temporary exhibitions and special events also available.

The Fusilier Museum Tower of London

The Fusilier Museum London tells the story of the Royal Fusiliers, originally raised at the Tower of London in 1685, following the Regiment from its formation to the present day.  

The story is told through the fascinating personal experiences of individual officers and soldiers and draws on the Museum’s rich archive of war diaries and personal letters, as well as its diverse collection.

The holdings include uniforms, flags, regimental silver and insignia which have helped to create a unique regimental identity throughout history. Twelve of the 20 Royal Fusilier Victoria Crosses are on display in the museum, as well as a number of social history objects which tell the stories of the individual Fusiliers who make up the Regiment’s history.

The Fusilier Museum Warwick

A hidden gem in the historic town of Warwick.

The newly curated Fusilier Museum Warwick brings the past to life and tells the personal stories of soldiers in the local area. It spans over 350 years of the Royal Warwickshire’s history, from its inception in 1674 right through to the Fusiliers of today including stories from more recent conflicts in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

Uniform, weapons, medals, and personal items such as diaries and letters from the museum’s collection are all included in the new exhibition as well as a replica WW1 trench.