God Save the King – Fusiliers involvement in the coronation of King Charles III

God Save the King – Fusiliers involvement in the coronation of King Charles III

What an amazing day it was on Saturday 6th May as the nation watched and celebrated the coronation of King Charles III.

Several Fusiliers were lucky enough to be involved in this prestigious event. There was a marching contingent of 27 Fusiliers as well as two colour parties. Captain Jordan Whiteman, Regimental Adjutant was the left hand officer of the marching detachment on the day. We caught up with Jordan on his return to duties today to see what it was like being part of such a special event.

How did you prepare for the event?

Our preparations actually began about 1 month prior to the concentrated training package. With the integration of our Reservist counterparts the Tidworth drill square was utilised to its full potential to ensure all troops on the parade were in the best possible position in terms of practice. We underwent an advisory visit and a full assurance visit before then moving to Longmoor Camp where we were joined by the rest of the Infantry. Over the course of ten days in the run up to the event we practiced in a number of locations as the Army contingent, tri-service and of course the overnight rehearsal in London which allowed us to prepare for the big day.

What was it like taking part in such a prestigious event?

To date this has been one the proudest moments of my military career. To be able to represent the Regiment was a huge honour. It is extremely rare for troops on that scale to march through London and be met with such positive response from the public. It meant such a lot for all the troops.

Did it all go to plan?

It did thankfully. On the day there was a few last minute things but it all went to plan and the troops executed every detail perfectly. The only thing that did not go to plan was the weather but we couldn’t do much about that.

What is your most memorable moment of it all?

In a day which was filled with a lifetime of experiences it’s really hard to select any one moment. It is also very difficult to gauge just how large the parade was with you always facing forward. However, once all those on parade formed up in the gardens of Buckingham Palace and gave three cheers to the king that was pretty special. The noise was deafening and highlighted just how may were on parade that day.

Can you summarise your experience in just 5 words?

Once in a life time. Either that or fittingly it would be ‘God save The King!’