Royal Regiment of Fusiliers launches new Web-App

Royal Regiment of Fusiliers launches new Web-App

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers has launched a new Mobile and Web App to enhance communications and improve connectivity across the Regiment.

The new digital hub, called Fusiliers Connect launched on 23rd April St George’s Day, the anniversary of when the Regiment was formed in 1968.

Fusiliers Connect encourages peer support and in-person engagement as well as supporting Serving Fusiliers, Reservists, Veterans, Cadet Adult Volunteers, and families.  It includes group functions, events, Pinboard, Messaging & Chat, Notifications and Search & Connect functions, transforming the way members can engage across the whole Fusilier community.

The Fusiliers Connect app is also connected to a wider military digital community, giving members access to better support resources and a wider network of members.

Col James Denny, Regimental Secretary said: “Fusiliers Connect is a totally new way for the Regiment to communicate and engage across our community and we are thrilled to be able to launch this to the wider Fusilier Family.  We look forward to working with the team at Military App as the platform evolves over time and becomes an integral part of daily life for us all.”

The company behind the platform is Military App, a digital peer support community platform which was set up by veteran Robin Bourne-Taylor and co-founders Ben Burch and Rach Mitchell.

Robin Bourne-Taylor, Director Military App said: “We really enjoy working with the Fusiliers and are delighted that they have joined the growing Military App Community.  The platform is purpose built for Regimental Associations and RHQs to better connect and support their members and it is great to see how the Fusiliers have really led the way in this support and vision.”

As part of the launch programme there has also been several new initiatives set up to encourage in person engagement via the app. Over 25 Coffee Clubs and Walk +Talks have been set up across the country with many events already taken place.

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, known as ‘The Fusiliers’, is an English infantry Regiment in the British Army, formed from four historic Fusilier Regiments in 1968.  Since then, the Fusiliers have seen service across the world inNorthern Ireland, Cyprus, the Balkans, the 1st and 2nd GulfWars and Afghanistan. The Regiment has two battalions – First Fusiliers in Tidworth and Fifth Fusiliers in Newcastle – and both adapt readily to challenging scenarios.