4 October

Operation HERRICK was the operational name for all British military operations in Afghanistan from 2002 to the end of combat operations in 2014.


It consisted primarily of the UK’s contribution to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), along with some support to the US-led Operation ENDURING FREEDOM(OEF). From 2006 the focus was on counter-insurgency operations against the Taliban, in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. At the height of the campaign in Helmand Province, there were 137 UK bases and approximately 9,500 UK troops stationed there. Increasingly, they fought alongside the fledgling Afghan forces, engaging the full spectrum from high-intensity combat to stabilisation operations, in order to help give the Afghan people a safe environment to rebuild their country. 

The Fusiliers’ first tour in Afghanistan was in 2006-2007, when members of the 2nd Battalion deployed on several occasions to Helmand Province, as part of the Theatre Reserve Battalion(TRB). This included A Company’s defence of the Northern Helmand town of Nowzad in the summer of 2006, and C Company’s deployment to Sangin the following year. Fusiliers were also deployed to Kajaki and Musa Qala during this period.

From March to October 2009 the 2nd Battalion deployed as a Battalion on Op HERRICK 10.The Battalion was split over several locations. A Company was attached to 2RIFLES Battlegroup(BG) in Sangin, with troops in Forward Operating Base (FOB) NOLAY and FOB JACKSON. The2nd Battalion BG was deployed to Musa Qala, with BG HQ in the District Centre and B Company deployed to the North in Patrol Base (PB) WOQAB, close to the enemy front-line. This deployment took place over the most dangerous period for British troops in Afghanistan. Sadly, seven members of the Battalion, all from A Company, were killed during the tour.

From May to October 2013, the 1st Battalion deployed on Op HERRICK 18. The Battalion was based primarily in Main Operating Base (MOB) PRICE, alongside their Bosnian and Danish comrades, with elements deployed forward to PB LASHKAR GAR DURAI. The Battalion conducted stabilisation operations, as well as deliberate strike operations, a sit sought to provide security and stability for the people and legitimate government of Helmand Province.

It should not go unmentioned that many officers and soldiers from the Regiment deployed as individual attachments to other units and HQs on many occasions throughout the conflict in Afghanistan. 

During Operation HERRICK eight Fusiliers were killed and many injured whilst on operations in Afghanistan.